Best ThopTV Alternative Apps For Android Live Tv For Free


ThopTV is one of the best Free online streaming apps that allows its users to watch all their favorite movies, series, TV shows, and more. Nowadays there is a large variety of online streaming app available in the market but most of them are paid such as Netflix, amazon prime, hot start, and many more. They are charging a lot therefore the people are looking for their alternative. Thus we came up with a few best free online streaming apps from which ThopTV was highly popular among all. But in recent times many people are facing trouble while using the app. There ThopTV Not Working Properly. 

Therefore in this article are going to talk about some new and the best ThopTV Alternative apps that you must try. These apps will be very similar to ThopTV and a few of them are even better. Here we share 5 Best ThopTV Alternative apps For Android Live Tv For Free:



TvTap is an awesome app for all TV show lovers. This app allows its user to watch their favorite TV shows anytime and anywhere just on their smartphone. It is not only available for Android devices but also for IOS, Windows, and Mac. The app has more than 500 TV channels from all over the world such as the USA, Canada, Italy, India, Spain, and many more. 

In this app, you can watch any of your favorite TV shows in High Definition and in their native language that provides you with an awesome and original feeling. Now no one is far from their country and no need to struggle to watch their favorite show.

Get: Tvtap APk


Pikashow APK

There are very few chances that you are a huge movie and series lover to not know about this app. Pikashow is currently one of the best and most popular free online streaming apps all around the world. This app offers you all the best and the latest content from all around the world.

This app lets you enjoy your content in Full HD and even Higher depending on your device and your internet connection. But nothing to worry about if you have bad internet then use your office, neighborhood, or gym wifi to download your favorite content in Full HD and enjoy watching them anytime and anywhere you want.

If you are a ThopTV user and looking for the best alternative then this may be the best option for you. This app is available for all Android devices and can be easily downloaded from the link given below.

Get: PikaShow APK


Mobdro Mod Apk

This is another amazing app that lets you watch mostly all the TV channels, News, and Other Shows. It is an Android app that lets you enjoy your favorite content on the way. In this high-speed growing world, many people want to stay updated and entertained. But they don’t have enough time to sit on a couch and watch their favorite content on a huge TV. People are looking for a quick and fast accessible app that lets them entertain themself in their breaks and free time. Therefore Mobdro is the best option for every kind of person who loves to watch and enjoy live TV content. 

Get: Mobdro APK

GHD Sports TV

GHD Sports APK

If you are a huge sports fan and looking for an app that is fully dedicated to sports-related content then this app is only for you. This is a free-to-use live streaming app that lets you enjoy all your favorite sports games. In this app, you watch many famous games such as T20, Worldcup, ODI, FIFA, Test Asia Cup, Pro Kabaddi, ISL, Kabaddi International, BL league, Soccer World Cup, and many more. But most importantly you can watch live IPL anytime and anywhere you want. You can enjoy your favorite games in Full HD without any buffering as this app requires very little data to stream something.

Get: GHD Sports APK



USTV NOW is a very different style app that may be a bit complicated for some people. However if not, then this may be the best option for many users as this app has amazing software that understands your behavior and suggests you some awesome content according to your previous watch and search history. The app has all the world’s most popular moves, series, shows, and much more content that can be easily accessed from your Android devices. This app also lets you make an unlimited playlist, which helps you add your favorite content to one place and enjoy watching it in your free time.


Conclusion: All the apps mentioned above are the Best ThopTV Alternative apps For Android devices and are also free to use which means, there is no need to spend your precious money. Download links of each app are provided above. If you like this article then don’t forget to share it with your loved ones. In addition, our website has a huge collection of astonishing apps and games that may be useful and entertaining for you. Check them out and you may find something awesome for you.

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