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Metroid Fusion is an action-adventure game that is offered by Nintendo on the Game Boy Advance System. This is an improvised version of this game that has a more interesting and engaging gameplay experience.  

About Metroid Fusion

This game is based on Samus Aran who is a bounty hunter with a team of experimenters who explore the surface of SR388 planet. Samus Aran and her team were attacked by a temporary parasite known as X. After this deadly attack by the parasite, she lost consciousness and her ship was also destroyed. However, her life is saved with the help of a vaccine taken by the people of the planet. Now her mission is to find the source of parasites and finish them all. But why kill them? As these parasites are asexual species in outer space and can be extremely deadly if not finished now. 


The game offers an astonishing gameplay experience. It is a platform-based action game with intense action scenes. Explore different places and find your enemies. The game offers many different weapons that you can use to kill your enemies and move ahead in the game. Your ultimate goal is to source and finish it. As this is a level-based game, at each level you will be in another area and have to kill all your enemies. In addition to the battle with your enemies, you also have to solve some secret puzzles that allow you to move to the next level. 

The game is filled with many deadly missions and to clear all those missions you need to keep on upgrading your weapons and make them more effective. Also, you have to wear armor as it absorbs parasitic monsters and helps you restore your health points, armor, and weapons too.

Unlock All Weapons and Other Equipment

As this is an action game you will get to see a lot of weapons and other equipment that helps you defeat your enemies. The game has many weapons and equipment that you can unlock like power suits, fusion suits, and many more. Fight against some deadly monster and enjoy.

Graphics Quality

This game offers some great 2D graphics. The game comes with a classic touch that provides a completely different gameplay experience. All the characters look very nice and beautiful. The alien monster looks very wired and eye-catching at the same time.

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Download Metroid Fusion GBA ROM

Metroid Fusion GBA ROM

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