New Free Fire (FF) ID And Passwords & Unlimited Diamonds, DJ Alok And More – June 2024

Free Fire Id and password

These days many kind and young adults are really fascinated by games. Most of them love to play open-world action-packed shooting games that offer them a real adrenaline rush. A similar and most popular game is Garena Free Fire which has the highest number of active gamers from all across the world. This game has changed the entire gaming industry with this overpowering online multiplayer gaming concept on smartphones. 

What Is A Free Fire ID And Password?

As with each passing day, it is popular to set new records. If you also wanted to stay on this overpowering journey and rule the game then becoming a pro player is really important. Therefore if you are looking for some Free Fire ID and Password that offers you Unlimited Diamonds and more than that high-level ID then you are at the right place. Today we are sharing with you some of the best Free Fire IDs that will make your day.

Free Fire ID And Password Free 2024

ID Password
968976484 profesior khiladi
987609894 national game
093782674 MRXGAMING
775687638 LAVDAGNDU
6265974436 Yahudiyaki
986457072 dwarkadhis
093782674 opbadhash
456654345 hanikarnal
989666338 killnoob
768987678 noob51417
009923451 SPRTJACK
678909845 shooter 22
768900985 harkishat
789456327 NOOBIE
765473842 FFGAMER
897678975 nobilasinchan

Free DJ Alok Free Fire ID And Password 2024

ID Password
[email protected] Weyulac&13
[email protected] Kofezip@68
[email protected] Suhevoz$55
[email protected] Kucapig^64
[email protected] Suwubab@66
[email protected] Yiruvon*36
[email protected] Pilinew&73
[email protected] Tewosik$86
[email protected] Wecuzos*17
[email protected] Napadug*37
[email protected] Kebujej@82
[email protected] Nekapax@42

Free Fire Facebook Account ID And Password

  • JIOGAMER – 33849384DG
  • MRXYTDHI – 3232323HNN
  • IAMNpro – NOOB488
  • INDIANGAGing – GAMER55556

Free Fire Gmail Account ID And Password

Note These FF ID and Password are not of permanent use as these might also be used by some other FF player and if Free Fire finds out two same ID are running on the two different devices it July ban this ID. Moreover, few players may take the above ID and change their passwords which means a few IDs and Passwords July not work. Therefore it is suggested to Login with the ID and Password mentioned above and gift all your favorite FF items like Skins, outfits, and more to your main Free Fire ID. Moreover, we keep updating our list after every week so you can check us later too.

How to Login to Free Fire ID?

The log-in process in Free Fire is really simple. If you freshly downloaded the Free Fire, when you open the game it will automatically ask you to log in with your Google or Facebook account or play as a guest. But if you are an old player and have your own ID login. Follow the few simple steps given below:

  • Firstly you need to log out from your current account through a direct button in the setting menu.
  • After you log out from your main account, you will redirect to the Free Fire login page.
  • Choose whether you want to go with Facebook ID or Google ID.
  • Then you need to enter the ID and Password mentioned above on this page. 
  • Must enter the correct ID and Password or you have to wait for 10 min straight to enter another one which can be really frustrating. 
  • When you enter the correct ID and Password you can simply log into the game and enjoy.

How to Change Free Fire ID and Password

Free Fire ID is provided by the Free Fire itself therefore it can not be changed. However, you can change your FF password. If you are using a Facebook account in your FF then you need to reset the password of your Facebook account and it will lead to a change in your Free Fire account password automatically. Similarly, if you use a google account then reset the password of your google account. However, if you are using a guest account you can’t change the password as guest accounts are not considered permanent.

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